Percussion Studies

As the top names in music will say, there's a lot that goes into creating an amazing percussion experience. But for many musicians, this higher level of learning is simply too far away to be reached or mastered. That's why we offer assistance from our own percussion studio. We have a wide range of tutors who will teach drummers of all levels what it means to master percussion skills which give a solid grounding to develop or discover musical talent. Our tutors boast an in-depth curriculum that will teach children and adults percussion mastery and excellence. To learn more, call today.

Sight Reading

Even the most well-trained drummer knows that they may be expected to play a piece that they've never read before. But when your band needs your percussion, you can't stop to study or break your stride if you make a mistake. that's why our studio now offers sight reading classes to help you master this important skill. We train drummers like you in how to read and correctly play pieces from first sight as well as helping you build the control you need to overcome mistakes that you make. To learn more, call today and book your seat.

Afro-Cuban Drum Lessons

If you have ever wanted to play traditional Afro-Cuban music, then you have found the right place. Our studio is proud to offer Afro-Cuban Drum Lessons that will teach you everything you need to know about this amazing and traditional form of music. Our instructors will teach you more about the history of this musical style as well as help you understand its influences on modern day music all the while giving you the training you need to play this style of music both professionally and casually. So to learn more, please call today.

R&B Drum Lessons

With R&B songs making it higher on top 100 charts, drummers who understand this musical genre are becoming all the rage. Whether you dream of entering a career as a drummer for a major R&B label or want to play your favorite songs from home, our studio is here to provide you with R&B Drum Lessons. Beginners and experts alike can learn the unique skills you need to become an accomplished R&B drummer as well as learning some of the unique songs and beats that are topping the charts. If you love R&B, then call us today for your seat at our lessons.

Funk Drum Lessons

Funk music is on the rise once again with many musicians, artists, and labels jumping on this exciting genre. You can take part too by calling us today for our funk drum lessons. We'll teach you everything you need to know about funk music and how important a solid percussion beat is to make this music come to life for fans all across the world. Whether you're a beginner or expert, you can still learn a lot from even your first lesson with our drum tutors. Call today and book your seat in our funk drum lessons.

Orchestral Snare Drum Lessons

With orchestral music on the rise, with big shows being conducted every day, there's an even greater need for skilled snare drum players than ever before. If you're looking for a great place to learn how to play this impressive instrument, then your search ends with us. Our tutors specialize in teaching beginners and experts alike how to play alongside a full grand orchestra with the humble and necessary snare drum. We teach you important skills such as sight reading, tuning your instruments, and how to play alongside a metronome or conductor so that you can achieve your mastery goals. To learn more, call today.

Big Band Drum Lessons

Have you ever wanted to play drums alongside a big band, but never knew how to get started? Then your search ends with us as we're the area's top drum tutor. Our tutors are trained musicians who will give you the music lessons you need to excel alongside even the most prestigious of big bands. From essential skills such as sight reading to instrument maintenance, we'll teach you all the abilities you need to excel in this musical genre and style. To learn more or book your seat in our courses, please call us today.

Brush Work Lessons

If you have ever wanted to master a new way to play your drums, then brush work lessons at our studio may be right for you. Our drum tutors will teach you everything you need to know about brush work so you can play the soft sounds that many top songs demand. We'll teach you the skills you need, from how to properly hold and use your brush to several songs that you can practice with. Many of our students have found that they play much better music even as soon as their first lessons. To learn more, call today.